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You look around in St Louis, and people are selling homes like it is nothing. What are they doing? What is making it easy to sell properties in the area while getting a price point that is worth it? It all comes down to the real estate agents they have hired to do the work for them.

You have to understand it is the real estate agent that is going to take your property and maximize its value in St Louis.

So, how do you go about choosing the best St Louis real estate agent on the market? Here is how you do it.

1) Ask Family And Friends First

You want to go to those who you trust first. Look to ask those around you because they will also have been in the same spot as you in the past and will have made decisions similar to this. If you can get a read on what they have to say, this could be a nice place to start.

You don't have to go with who they say, but at least put them on your list for future reference and research.

2) List At Least 10 Realtors

You want to have at least ten realtors on your list by the end that are going to be looked at. This is going to make it easier for you to decide who to look at. Don't just aimlessly start to do your research where you are winging it and hoping that you find someone who is suitable for your needs.

This won't happen, and all you are going to do is waste your time in the end.

Look to be smart about what you are doing and remain in sync with what is required. It is the only way to go.

3) Pinpoint Your Expectations And Write Them Down

You want to know what is expected of the St Louis real estate agent. You don't want to hire someone who is going to come in and not be sure about what you want of them. Look to create a small list on paper that is going to highlight what you expect and then talk about it with the agent.

Do you want open houses? Do you want the house to be sold at a particular price? Do you expect it sold at a certain date? What about closing dates?

These are all things you will want to highlight for the agent.

4) Speak With Each Option

It doesn't matter how good their track record is or what you may have heard about them as people; you want to get a read in person. You want to be able to sit down with them face to face and see how they engage with you. This should make it easier for you to decide who to hire for the selling process.

When you feel comfortable with someone, this is when you are going to sell a property with ease and make it look simple.

Otherwise, you are going to be in a real rut.

5) Check Commission Being Asked From Real Estate Agent

You want to see how much they are going to charge you in the end. What is the rate they are putting in front for the house? What is their commission because they are not going to be selling it for free, and that is a surety.

You want to be aware of this and prepare for it as well because that is going to haunt you in the long-run if you are not aware at all.

The rate has to be discussed and is going to be in the contract as well.

Let's take a break and watch this video:

6) Don't Force Agent's Hand

You never want to force the agent's hand when it comes to what you are getting and how you are getting it. This becomes a problem all the time for people because they want to rush everything. When you are choosing someone, you also have to trust your research and who you have gone with.

If you don't trust your choice, it doesn't matter who you have gone with, it is going to be a disaster.

You have to take a seat and just relax as they are doing their work. This is how you are going to sell the house as needed.

7) Ensure They Are Friendly People

The last thing is to see if they are friendly people or not. Do you want to be speaking to people who are not friendly and are going to be rude all the time? Is that what you are hoping to get out of the selling process or do you want to go with those who are on top of their game all the time?

This is critical because there are people who are not as friendly as they should be and that is going to haunt them more than anything else.

Look into this and then determine what you want to see happen.

8) Check Their Performance In The Past

A good place to begin would be to see how they have done in the past. It is a natural barometer for those who are looking to get a read on the real estate agent they might be going with. If they have done well, you are going to see all of their listings and how much they sold them for.

It always helps to get a read on the real estate agents that you are thinking about, and this is a great way of doing it.

You can't go wrong with any of the eight tips that have been mentioned here. You will have to learn that it is not going to be easy to locate a good St Louis real estate agent as there are expectations that you are going to have, which have to be met with calm.

Look to be patient and see the process out. You will get a good agent in the end.